Say no to reopening the Idaho Maryland Mine |

Say no to reopening the Idaho Maryland Mine

I'm heartened to read David Watkinson's support for Measure N, the sales tax increase for Grass Valley. Kudos to Mr. Watkinson for good citizenship.

That said, his assertion that re-opening of the Idaho Maryland Mine would bring revenues to local governments ignores the accompanying mitigation costs of mining to Nevada County citizens. Extension of NID's service area to mitigate water loss at surrounding properties from dewatering activities would be significant to our community.

I live on the San Juan Ridge where 13 private properties, including our public school, lost their wells due to dewatering activities at the Siskon mine in the 1990s. Replacement wells are deeper and lower quality than the original wells.

Our school children drank bottled water for years until an expensive filtration and treatment system was installed which now costs the District $7,000 a year to operate.

Nevada County is no longer the Wild West of the 1800s. Mineral extraction in the midst of rural neighborhoods comes at a high cost to property owners and the environment while the lions share of profits line the pockets of out-of-county investors and hedge funds.

Stefanie Freydont

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