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Save SunSmile Farms

Since last year I have been aware of ongoing issues regarding SunSmile Farms and NID's water management (contact for the full story).

As I understand it, this farm is about to go out of business and be shut down due to what is, legally and morally, the fault of NID management practices and decisions.

In today's age of food inequality and with the current outcry for readily available local, organic, sustainable food, saving this farm should have been the utmost priority.

I feel the same sinking in my heart considering the possibly unduly end of SunSmile Farms that I feel when I see clear-cut swaths in the middle of ancient old-growth forests. What manner of logic drives men to obliterate the very backbone of creation that directly supports their lives and well-being?

SunSmile is not just one man's business. It's a beautiful focal point of community and sustainability that should well be considered a local heirloom treasure.

I urge people to consider donating funds and for NID and/or the responsible political parties to allot adequate financial compensation to SunSmile so it may rebuild from the ashes and continue existing.

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