Sandra Poteet: For profit healthcare: a bad system |

Sandra Poteet: For profit healthcare: a bad system

In response to the opinion piece in The Union on a single payer healthcare system by Mr. Ulery — what would our lives be like if essential services like law enforcement, fire protection, education, and the courts had to make a profit? For all but a very fortunate few of us, medical care is an essential service.

Health insurance is not the product, it is the conduit to the care. For that check-writing, restricting service, the insurers take 30 percent of health care dollars as profit. What if that 30 percent went directly to care providers instead of shareholders? Private insurers do not increase choice, they limit it.

I've heard the same objections to single payer before. Long waiting times (when is the last time you were in an ER?), limited access to high tech medical equipment (what does your health plan limit you to?), rationing (a scare tactic up there with death panels), and long waits for elective surgeries (often true, but wait times are long here depending on where you are and which insurance you have).

My bet is that Mr. Ulery has Medicare, or is anticipating it. The very wealthy excepted, that big single payer system offers seniors more freedom of choice than any other option.

Sandra Poteet

Grass Valley

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