Safe Access medical marijuana initiative makes sense |

Safe Access medical marijuana initiative makes sense

Welcome aboard to the Nevada County Democrats and Green Party for endorsing the Americans for Safe Access medical marijuana initiative. The Nevada County Libertarian Party has been working with ASA since day one to fight our current board of supervisors' ordinance.

We not only endorse the ASA initiative, we also are gathering signatures at our upcoming luncheon at 12:30 p.m. Aug. 2 at Perko's and the upcoming Nevada County Fair, Aug. 6-11, at our booth.

This initiative provides common sense laws/regulations. This helps those who can't grow or provide for themselves, which has been the problem due to current ordinance. I, being a nonsmoker member of ASA, have met lots and lots of folks who have been affected. I also have met many in my occupation — flooring installer — when doing installations in all areas of Nevada County. They all have suffered way too much!!!

This initiative makes a major point of in residential, R1-R3, to grow indoors only, as well as provide more elbow room. It gives an incentive to live and grow more off the grid. Brings us back to the original regulations of Prop 215. Let's uphold the Constitution!

Gary Bryant, vice chair

Nevada County Libertarian Party

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