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Runners an inspiration

Almost 200 runners and walkers gathered on Jan. 1 to welcome the New Year with a healthy lifestyle by participating in Resolve2Run 5k/10k, a race that took place in Chicago Park. At 9 a.m., the run started at a brisk pace and 20:53 minutes later, the first runner, Herve Pastre, crossed the finish line with the fastest male 5k time and over all fastest time. Right behind and with an incredible time, as well, with the fastest women's 5k, was Kirsten Dutton in 24:57 minutes. The competition kept going with the fastest 10k time at 40:33 minutes by Jim Pelton, and not far behind with the fastest women's 10k, Tianna Rockwell came in with a time of 47:54 minutes. Fastest or not, the competitors were all inspiring as each made resolutions to make 2014 the best yet with healthy lifestyle choices. They Resolved 2 Run.

Hannah Bousfield

Nevada City