Rumors not true |

Rumors not true

I have a problem. There is a rumor that has passed through the community for the last 10 years. I do not know what this rumor is, but I know when my "friends" and acquaintances hear the rumor they begin to give me looks of utter disgust. It really must be bad. No one has ever said to me, "Linda, this is what I heard."

The best I can figure out is that it involves child pornography. I think the rumor is that I have used my camera to photograph this porn. I took my concerns to the Nevada City Police Department, and the chief said that women are not involved in pornography; porn is a man's thing.

I have lived in this community since 1946. I have served the public as a paralegal for 15 years; 12 of those years I was commissioned as a Notary Public. The state of California does not commission persons of ill repute. I would take this to court, but whom do I accuse of slander, the whole community?

Enough is enough. Give me back my good reputation that I have worked very hard to earn.

Linda Hawthorne

Nevada City

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