Round and round through health care system |

Round and round through health care system

I am a senior with diabetes under Medicare. My multi-clix lancet pen used for testing my blood sugar multiple times daily recently broke. I called the pharmacy to inquire about a new pen. The pharmacy does not carry the pens and cannot get the pens from their supplier. They directed me to the manufacturer.

I called the manufacturer. A recorded message instructed me go to the website. I visited the manufacturer's website and found the pen I needed for $30. The website also informed me that I was entitled to a pen at no cost every six months as I am a diabetic on Medicare (my pen is more than two years old). However, the manufacturer does not deal with Medicare and requires me to go through a pharmacy.

Since the pharmacy does not have the pen, I am left with not testing my blood sugar levels or paying $30 for something my taxes have paid for and entitled me to by law.

The politicians may feel good about providing a little old lady with her diabetic care supplies, but the reality is quite different.

Selma Wright

Grass Valley

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