Romney off the mark |

Romney off the mark

Mitt Romney's precipitous reaction to the death of Ambassador Stevens is troubling.

The names of all the dead had not even been disclosed before Mr. Romney attacked the Obama State Department for an apology for American values. That is simply nonsense. The State Department rightfully deplored an anti-Muslim film made in American because it saw the film as yet another stimulus of anti-Americanism.

To attack the State Department's remarks as an apology for American values is as wrong-headed as it is simply wrong. The State Department did not offer an apology for American values. A highly-bigoted film intended to slander a major world religion and insult billions of its adherents does not fall within any clear-headed understanding of American values.

Sadly enough, Mr. Romney appears to have a very shallow view of America. Mine is much different, a view that includes instead of excludes. In the America where I grew up, all religions were accorded equal respect and tolerance. None is better than any other. It is time for Americans to repudiate politics of exclusion, particularly when those politics involve religion, and to reject the notion that our country cannot be home for the adherents of all of the world's religions.

Dick Sciaroni

Grass Valley

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