Romney a better choice |

Romney a better choice

It is clear that Republican candidates for president and vice-president, Romney and Ryan, have the economic intellect to make important changes in policies to do the right thing for women. While some purport to have won the "War on Women," I would like to point out the results of President Obama's policies:

There are 800,000 more women in poverty since he took office. President Obama's bleak economy has caused educational opportunities to vanish and strained the family budget. By increasing government grants and student loans, college tuitions have skyrocketed adding to the burden for women who outnumber men in college today. Four times more men get jobs than women. More women than men have lost their jobs during the past four years. President Obama claims to have created 4.1 million jobs, but that is only approximately 100,000 per month when we must add at least 110,000 per month just to keep even with normal attrition Hispanic women are the fastest and largest growing poverty group in America. It is a dire fact that 7.5 million women are in severe poverty.

Republicans can and will do better for all job seekers.

Fran Freedle lives in Grass Valley.

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