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There is an enjoyable 4-mile round trip trail from Rattlesnake Road into the Empire Mine Park, and about once a year I have led some folks on this easy/moderate walk. Before doing so, I always do the walk to refresh my memory regarding the turns here and there … and to mark these places with red ribbons. It certainly would be embarrassing if I led folks astray.

Awhile ago, I was preparing to lead again. I was sure that my old ribbons had disappeared or had faded and so I walked the length and back to again tag certain areas. In addition to tagging at the usual spots, I decided to add a few additional ribbons here and there, at other intersections and along the trail. In the event that someone was walking the trail without being familiar with it, these ribbons would help them know just where to turn and would assure them that they were on the correct trail.

The day before the walk, I decided to check out a difficult spot to see if I could find an easy way to avoid it. Shortly after I started, much to my dismay, I realized that most all of my ribbons had been removed. Consequently, I missed a turn and found myself on an unrecognizable trail. I retraced my steps and eventually found the correct turn, where I placed a couple of ribbons. Our walk was enjoyable and without any problems.

I have a message to those responsible for removing the ribbons. You may be pleased to know that we picked up your litter — pieces of red ribbon dropped along the trail. It was a bit of an eyesore.

Judy Olson

Grass Valley

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