Republican party stands for protecting life |

Republican party stands for protecting life

In his July 29 letter to The Union, Ron Lowe castigates the Republican leaders for allowing their party to be "hijacked by religious extremists who are using abortion and the Republican Party to pursue their agenda or crusade."

Ron's charges are pretentious. The fact is that conservative, pro-life Tea Party members (and true patriots) are in concert with the Republican Party. They deserve a credit for defending the right to life for all, including the unborn.

Pejorative criticism should be aimed at the Democratic Party since its leaders sold out to abortion industry. They "strongly and unequivocally support Roe v. Wade." The delegates to the Democratic Party convention in Charlotte, N.C., last year passed the most pro-abortion platform in history, all the while being encouraged by President Obama.

I mourn at the statistics, more than 50 million abortions performed since 1973. No wonder that recent polls show that majority of American citizens, and some state legislators, do not approve of tax funding of abortions; they support life of the unborn.

The dilemma poses a question for all of us: How would we solve the problem caused by abortions? The return to Christian morality would be a good start!

Peter Pohorsky

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