Representatives need to learn how to govern |

Representatives need to learn how to govern

My husband and I visited the Washington, D.C., national monuments in 2009 and found that our veterans of American wars visit the World War II and Vietnam memorials on a daily basis. They let us know that they honor the dead and support the living members of the U.S. military in their visits.

We were moved by the many people who approach the Lincoln Memorial and Arlington Cemetery with respect and leave with personal memories. That the obstructionists in Congress should then notice that shutting down the parks and the Veterans Administration and the National Institutes of Health actually affect real people and then try for a "photo op" with the World War II vets astounds!

All that is needed now is a vote to send the Continuing Resolution to the Senate without any "Christmas decorations" so it will pass and be signed by the president.

This is the same Sequester Budget with 5 percent cuts to all departments we have been operating under for months. No Conference Committee was set up to negotiate the differences between the House and the Senate budgets — watch CSPAN committee hearings for the truth. Our local representative joined other Republicans to praise local citizens while this budget crisis was cooked up. Some might say, "A pox on both your Houses!" But the responsibility to pass a budget each year requires rules and cooperation.

I can only hope voters insist on our representatives learning the rules of governing and respecting each person's input and then have the graciousness to vote for the good of this country and its people.

Joan Field

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