Rep. La Malfa, we need you to govern like a responsible statesmen |

Rep. La Malfa, we need you to govern like a responsible statesmen

Please join me in reminding our Congressman that we sent him to Washington to run the government — not to close it!

The Republicans are about to do the country they supposedly love a great deal of harm (again!) … theoretically to be more fiscally responsible — but the end result will be another downgrade in the U.S.' credit rating (remember 2011!), which will cost our children billions more, due to higher interest on the debt, than they were hoping to save in the first place!

And the Republicans will again (rightly, as in 1996) be seen as the cause of the debacle and will fall even further behind sharing in the traditional two-party governance of our country … all because the Tea Partiers have convinced those poor souls that they have some kind of a mandate because they control the House of Representatives.

Just to be clear on that point — Democratic House candidates actually got 1.4 million (!) more votes than Republicans in the 2012 election. The only reason Republicans are in control is due to gerrymandered districts in red states.

So please tell Rep. LaMalfa to govern as a responsible statesmen and lead his caucus in learning to compromise.

Wayne Hild

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