Reefer madness indeed |

Reefer madness indeed

Jeff Loberg's letter to the editor, or "fright piece," is a page right from the 1930s. His ill-informed scare tactics and bluster about the evil weed are seriously outdated.

It is the ravings of a seriously misinformed citizen. On the serious side, it is far past time for the feds to reclassify cannabis so that some decent research can be done on the THC molecule. Cannabis has already improved the lives of countless folks, and we haven't even scratched the surface.

Mr. Loberg should ask the parents of the children who suffer from massive multiple seizure syndrome and whose lives have been turned around for the better because of this evil weed … or talk to a few cancer patients who no longer suffer as horribly as they used to (I happen to be one of those). The list is growing and can only get larger if cannabis is reclassified, not vilified.

People have been seeking to chill out since day one, and pot is certainly one of the more benign ways to achieve that end. Rehashing the Harry Anslinger "Gore File" is time and words wasted. We need to move on to a new and intelligent dialogue.

San French

Nevada City

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