Recent NU drug bust sends a message |

Recent NU drug bust sends a message

As a student at Nevada Union, I thought it would be interesting to share my perspective. When the bust happened, an immediate negative reaction arose from a great population of the NU student body.

Many kids were saying that the use of the undercover ABC officer was unjust and a form of entrapment. I, however, saw this bust as a longtime coming. I read the article Liz Kellar wrote regarding the situation, and I have to say that I am glad the blatant drug problem at NU is finally being addressed by parents and members of the community.

Having been asked if I was interested in purchasing drugs multiple times by students on campus, I do not feel NU is a safe place to be. Nor do I wish to be associated with the drug culture at NU in any way. This problem cannot be reversed overnight, but I think the recent bust sends a message. Again, I thank the members of the community for bringing the problem forward, and I also thank The Union and the editor for investigating the bust and their time.

Samantha Schultz, Nevada Union student

Grass Valley

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