Ready to pitch in |

Ready to pitch in

We are getting closer and closer to doing serious damage to our country — for absolutely no reason!

Republicans like Tea Party favorite Rand Paul say the sequester cuts are a "pittance," but people who actually know what they're talking about, like economist Stephen S. Fuller of George Mason University say, "the sequester could cost 2.14 million jobs and add 1.5 percentage points to the unemployment rate." And because the government would have to break hundreds (thousands?) of contracts and pay penalties for breaking those contracts, the supposed savings would be offset by huge penalties — besides the damage to our country and economy — the sequester doesn't even save money!

According to a recent Pew/USA Today poll, "Only 19 percent of Americans believe that the focus of deficit reduction should be only on spending cuts. Seventy-six percent want a combination of spending cuts and tax increases."

Please write Congressman LaMalfa and remind him that our country is a democracy and ask him to compromise with the Dems and the president to save our country from this ridiculous and avoidable tragedy. I am one of the "wealthy" few and feel blessed to be able to help my country.

Wayne Hild

Nevada City

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