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Reaching out

Where has our nation gone wrong? I served 25 years in the military for the love of my country and those who served and are currently serving, but I am just wondering were we have gone wrong in providing medical care for those who really need help?

My 29 year old daughter, the mother of my 6 year old grandson was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2007. She tried to remain positive and tried to work as well, but now she is unable to work due to her illness. She applied for SSD and SSI, but was denied. She appealed the decision and also recruited Congressman DeFasio for assistance. Time has not waited for her with her condition, but the deadline for her decision has come and gone her application is still in review status. She is in dire need of medical treatment, but no one wants to assist her because they are all wanting the all mighty buck first. Her mother and I have exhausted our funds and moved her and her family onto our property trying assist, but we have reached our end.

I always thought SSD and SSI was for those who needed it.

Russ Broyles

Glide, Ore.

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