Questions for Doug LaMalfa |

Questions for Doug LaMalfa

We in Nevada County are in a newly drawn U.S. Congressional district with a freshman congressman, Doug LaMalfa, who outspent his opponent 10 times over, and we might reasonably have questions for him.

He'll meet privately with his Tea Party Republican people, as he did in March, barring reporters and even cell phones, but all I can get is a form letter. A little research reveals that he is anti-government, hostile to exposure, has no town halls scheduled even though he flies back from Washington every weekend, is an extreme forced-birther, wants to repeal the new health insurance regulations, de-regulate guns, and generally molder in the barrel of rotten apples in the most obstructionist congress in history.

It's time to gear up to send the hypocrite back to his big government-subsidized farm near Richvale.

Julie Langston

Nevada City

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