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Put unemployed to work on infrastructure

I encourage readers to make Congressman LaMalfa aware of your concerns. I have two.

The sequester is definitely slowing the economy's recovery.

Congress refusing to admit this and do anything else to help the millions of long term unemployed people is inexcusable. Bridges are falling down — millions of workers are available and looking for work — interest rates are low, allowing us to easily help the economy. The budget deficit is coming down.

It is pretty obvious that we could put these workers to good use fixing our country's long-ignored infrastructure.

Number two: CO2 levels have passed 400 parts per billion for the first time since the Pleistocene — anybody can see that humans are responsible for this unprecedented increase.

Again, it is reprehensible for the most powerful legislative body on our delicate planet to abdicate its responsibility and do nothing about these fixable problems.

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Please do the responsible thing and don't be like those from Texas who just want to hurt Obama on the backs of the poor.

Wayne Hild

Nevada City

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