Public poop art; dogs in pickup trucks |

Public poop art; dogs in pickup trucks

The Union recently carried a news article recommending that dogs not be allowed to ride in the backs of pickups anymore. I have seen this movement before, and I think would be another ridiculous overreach of government, not to mention a waste of law enforcement's time.

Country and ranch dogs live to ride in the open air; I have three dogs and two of them refuse to ride in the enclosed SUV. If I open the tailgate of the truck, however, they are right there with big smiles.

Yes, there is danger. Can we outlaw danger? I see way too many dogs sitting on the laps of the driver, obstructing their view and possibly interfering with the driving of the vehicle. Should we outlaw that? Can we just acknowledge that we probably have enough laws already and quit trying to outlaw everything that people or animals might find enjoyable?

Also, regarding the golden dog poop in Nevada City, what a waste of money. Am I the only person who thinks the emperor has no clothes, and that spending even a nickel on piles of golden dog poop violates the nature trail experience? If I go walking on nature trails, I don't need so-called "public art" to enhance nature.

Spend the money educating kids about art, if you must, but leave the nature trails alone. Even better, it could have been spent helping to rebuild the Independence trail down to Rush Creek. Then everybody, including kids and disabled people, could get down to the creek to enjoy the view and play in the water.

Heather Donesky

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