President is not doing his job |

President is not doing his job

The current revelations about the terrible job the Veterans Administration hospitals are doing and the fact that they are only now getting President Obama's attention is yet another example of why our country is in such sad shape.

If you check the Constitution of the United States, you will find that the president's primary and most important responsibility is running the country. This is exactly the same responsibility that the CEOs of Microsoft, IBM and Apple have — managing their companies on a day-to-day basis, making sure that progress is being made toward their goals and objectives and that funds are being spent efficiently.

Our president, and many before him, aren't doing that. He is trying to do Congress' job, which is to set policy for the country by passing the needed legislation to meet the needs of the American people. The president's job is to make sure this legislation gets implemented and functions as required.

The failure of the Veterans Administration to meet the goals and objectives assigned to it by Congress is a prime example of the problem. The shoddy and ineffective performance of the VA hospitals has been public knowledge for years. Yet it appears that the two people who should have already known about this and done something about it — the president and the VA's leader, the secretary of veterans affairs — apparently have only recently become aware of it.

The fact that at least once a month we read about some government snafu where millions, and sometimes billions, of our tax dollars are being wasted is primary evidence that the VA situation is not an isolated case but simply additional evidence that our elected officials are not doing their jobs.

Ron Avanzino

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