Presidency a failure since day one |

Presidency a failure since day one

As our freedoms continue to erode, our Constitution is shred, and our economy continues to be stagnant, it's hard to understand how anyone can stand up and tout this president's achievements.

But Nevada County has Ron Lowe, cheerleader for the left. Lowe fails to mention the real accolades of Obama's presidency. Standing by while American citizens are killed in Libya and then lying to the faces of their families as to how and why they were killed. Maybe we should pat Obama on the back for his handling of Iraq, Syria and the rest of the Middle East. And maybe we should congratulate him for his handling of the border crisis.

Face it Mr. Lowe, this presidency has been a failure from day one. And to blame Republicans in Congress for Obama's troubles is absurd. You need only to look at Harry Reid and his obstructionist style for Congressional failure. Mr. Lowe, it's time to face reality. Obama should be impeached and removed over all the scandals he is behind.

And now that Barack Hussein Obama has allowed a caliphate to arise in Syria and Iraq, our country is in trouble because of our weakened defense. Achievements? Yeah, right.

Jeff Loberg

Penn Valley

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