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Potential for what?

I read in the paper about the young man who built the unmanned flying vehicle to satisfy a niche in the marketplace, taking pictures where it is not normal for a small business or people to have done.

The lawyer says he has great potential for doing wrong and should be banned. I believe the whole problem is with potential. I am sure the lawyer has a large fast automobile that has the potential of doing great harm also, but we do not ban her from it until she does something illegal and causes great harm.

This is America. You are not guilty of something until you do wrong. If he uses it for illegal means, I would be one of the first to say he should be convicted and punished. We all have potential for doing great harm with handguns, cars or a hammer, but do not try to ban everything in sight just to get some personal satisfaction.

I applaud the young man for finding new ways of earning a living instead of standing on the corner with his sign. I hope our supervisors use wisdom in maintaining our American way of life.

Lawrence Tackett

Grass Valley

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