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Poor treatment of seniors ‘subhuman’

Today, I was having lunch in a local Italian bistro when a group of 10 elderly people were brought in by their "caretaker."

All of the seniors appeared cognitively impaired and almost all needed a walker or wheelchair to get around. With growing horror, I watched this caretaker treat all the seniors very tersely, rudely and unkindly, almost as if they were subhuman. One of the women asked four times to go to the bathroom and was denied four times by the caretaker. She even lied and told the woman there was no bathroom (one was plainly in sight). Only when the owner of the bistro told this customer that of course she could go to the bathroom, did the caretaker grudgingly allow her to go.

My promise to those seniors is that I will follow through with this with the hope that the kind of treatment they received today will not reoccur.

Susan Reid

Grass Valley

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