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Political affiliation?

In reference to "No Room for Special Interest" (The Union, April 4) by Michele Spencer, a few comments are in order.

I wonder why Michele did not identify her affiliation? Same goes for "All politics is local" by Jim Firth (The Union, April 5). Michele Spencer is the vice chair of the Nevada County Democratic Party and Jim Firth is the chair of the Nevada County Democratic Party.

Are they not proud of their positions?

Michele's article is a horrible hit piece on the Republican Party and the Koch Brothers. The Koch brothers seem to be the enemy of the day for the Democrats. In terms of the Koch Brothers' ranking in campaign contributions, they are number 59 on the list per Opensecrets.org (http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/list.php. Big companies, big unions, big banks and big insurance companies are by far the leading campaign donors.

Allan Krosner

Nevada City

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