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Police, prison industry should not lobby

Our police/prison industry unions should be banned from lobbying and influencing our public policy.

The police/prison lobby has grown to a point where it is imposing policy on us with total disregard for what is good for our country. I do not believe that individual officers are evil and unneeded. I believe their overreaching unions are evil, as does the 100,000 member-strong Police Officers Against Prohibition.

Half of the police/prison industry funding comes from the drug war. We all know that it is a complete failure except for growing a police industry that rivals all three branches of our military in size. We know that the black market in drugs funds nearly 100 percent of gang activity and the cartels. We know that branding our youth with felonies for drugs and affecting their lifelong employment opportunities is counter-productive.

But we are helpless to end this drug war due to the massive influence of police/prison industry money in our political arena.

Had the police/prison lobby accepted America's changed stance on pot and other drugs, we would have sanity in the growing of pot and not rampant gangs and cartels. Don't you think we can make our own policy without police control?

Garry Cooper

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Durham, Calif.

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