Please salute the ‘Medical Marines’ |

Please salute the ‘Medical Marines’

Medical Marines, otherwise known as the Sierra Nevada Memorial Ambulance, are the first to respond to your medical emergency. The brave men and women, whom I salute, have saved my life on two occasions.

During the first occasion, I endured a major heart attack at home, and I called 911. Years after, I lost mobility of my lower extremities, and again, I was forced to call 911.

Each time, the same group of brave men and women risked their lives racing down the street in the middle of the night.

The vehicle they drive is not an ordinary van. They are indeed "mini hospitals" filled with all the updated equipment and are ready to respond to any type of emergency.

This profession is very rewarding. You all come home and should be proud that you help save many lives. At a critical time, no matter who you are, you will realize the importance of this service.

Please salute with me, the first responders, "The Medical Marines."

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