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Play football now, pay later

I recently watched "Frontline," a news show on KVIE entitled "High School Football." What I learned shocked me to my core.

As several cases were discussed, one I will never forget. He was captain of his football team at Penn State. He took his life at age 21. His brain was examined by a neurological pathologist in Boston.

Her words, "For such a young man I didn't expect to find any damage in his brain. What I found left me stunned. I went home that day with a whole new attitude about football. All his tests revealed traumatic brain injuries. The worst part being, this particular young man had never even been diagnosed with a concussion, nor was there any concern of brain injury. His family just could not understand what could have led to suicide. We clearly found the answers they needed."

My own son played football at Bear River High School, I get it. However, with the severity of this new information, if now is not the time for a serious discussion, then when? Don't lose them to dementia later for their fun and our entertainment now.

Thank you, Gregg Littell, for the concern you have shown for the young men of our town.

Vicki Sullivan

Nevada County