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PIN numbers for security

Recently I was watching CBS news and heard that the Chevron oil refinery fire was caused by computer hackers who got a hold of the website address and programmed the computer to cause the whole oil refinery to explode.

But that was not all I heard. According to the news, they found out Iran is planning a Pearl Harbor war on all Cypress websites and at oil refineries, power companies, everything nationwide. Decades ago, banks had PINs (security codes) on all bank accounts, and that has proven to be very successful. My ideas are to do the same to all computers at factories, oil refineries, power companies, phone companies and all communication companies, including all satellite dish networks and cable TV companies and all factories.

Here is my plan: First, the website and email addresses, then comes the PIN, then the name of the company (IBM Corporation). If it can work on all banks and bank accounts, it can work on all computers. Meanwhile for everyone, please take my ideas into very serious consideration.

Paul Andrew Pease

Grass Valley

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