PG&E’s rate increase equals safety |

PG&E’s rate increase equals safety

In considering PG&E's recently proposed general rate case, it's easy for consumers to say "no." But in this case, "yes" for safety is the responsible choice for our communities.

The horrific San Bruno gas explosion in 2010 reminds us after such tragedies, liable businesses must radically change. PG&E has since taken bold steps to transform its pipeline safety management approach with goals to become the safest utility in the country.

I am CEO of Picarro, based in Santa Clara, employing 90 rate payers. Like hundreds of companies, we benefit from PG&E's proposed rate increase. Our extreme precision instruments are used by top climate researchers to measure greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and our scientists repurposed our technology to reinvent the leak detection paradigm to help avert future pipeline disasters.

Equipped with technology 1,000 times more sensitive than legacy state-of-the-art technology, PG&E stands ready and willing to find and fix gas leaks currently undetected. As we know all too well, undetected leaks can have catastrophic consequences.

So what's safety worth? PG&E's rate case puts the price tag at a reasonable $12 a family per month. We must enable our gas company to become the safest utility in the nation by supporting its general rate case.

Michael Woelk

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