PG&E needs to be reminded of their safety pledge |

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PG&E needs to be reminded of their safety pledge

My wife and I were hiking at Scotts Flat Lake when we noticed a freshly burned patch in the forest. On our way out, I questioned a staff member at the launch ramp about the fire, and he said that prior to the fire, PG&E had been informed about a tree leaning on power lines, which they inspected and then left. Some time later, a fire was started by sparking across the lines. How can this happen?

My understanding is that since the San Bruno disaster, all PG&E personnel have been reminded of the PG&E safety pledge:

"I always put safety first.

I look for and act to resolve unsafe situations.

I help and encourage others to act safely."

Unfortunately the message doesn't seem to have reached Nevada County. With fire season fast approaching, I hope that everyone at PG&E is forcefully reminded of the pledge. I would like to hear that those involved in leaving such an obvious safety hazard have been strongly reprimanded.

Ray Bryars

Nevada City