Penn Valley residents concerned about proposed rezoning |

Penn Valley residents concerned about proposed rezoning

The meeting to inform Penn Valley residents of proposed rezoning within the heart of the village center to "high density, low income housing" Tuesday night was attended by more than 200 very concerned residents. The rezoning project would implant approximately 1,000 to 1,500 "disadvantaged" people within the heart of Penn Valley.

This would tilt the balance of demographics within Penn Valley with a sub-community having a built-in "critical mass" of lifestyles the majority of the group, in excess of 95 percent, did not want.

While most in the audience had a very realistic "gut feel" of the problems associated with this type of project-like project, most do not comprehend what is fundamentally at stake. The state is using outright extortion, threatening to withhold unrelated funds, if our county does not comply with its mandate/agenda to "integrate" this segment into our community. My perception is that our current county leadership is unwilling/unable to lead and actually represent. Penn Valley residents were suspicious that Nevada City and Truckee were not subjected. My caution is not to be divided. None of these government-subsidized projects belongs anywhere within this county.

Chasing grant money will only require more grant money to resolve associated problems later.

Lincoln Okada

Penn Valley

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