Paul Boisvert: Agree to respectfully disagree |

Paul Boisvert: Agree to respectfully disagree

Terry McLaughlin's essay on Nevada County's Invisible Movement in The Union is another unfortunate example of how our political dialog has deteriorated to denigrating people rather than addressing the issues they espouse.

McLaughlin does a great disservice to political discourse by trying to connect Indivisible to a "notorious" figure and events that happened nearly 50 years ago! She then disingenuously omits important facts … Angela Davis was fraudulently fired as a professor at UCLA because of pressure from Ronald Reagan. She was reinstated. She spent 18 months in prison awaiting trial for the accusations McLaughlin outlines. She was acquitted. McLaughlin conveniently overlooks that Davis' civil rights were abridged by an overzealous governor and a political climate/system that denied her a speedy trial.

Although this sets the record a bit straighter about Davis, McLauglhlin casts aspersions on others, but I, for one, can no longer trust her accuracy.

Yet this is not what is most important. We need to elevate our discourse. Both sides of the political spectrum need to stop belittling those who disagree with them and start discussing the merits and pitfalls of our complex issues. If we cannot state our problems correctly, we cannot find correct solutions. Too logical?

Paul Boisvert

Alta Sierra

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