Patricia Black: Get corporations out of health care |

Patricia Black: Get corporations out of health care

A number of years ago long-time neighbors, Allie and Ralph Hogan, moved to New Zealand, where their children already lived. A few years ago, The Union published an Other Voices column from Ralph which described the wonderful medical care he received there. So I'm mystified by Terry McLaughlin's July 6 column, quoting an unnamed informant who tells what a failure New Zealand's system is. I find her unbelievable.

We need to have all our medical money spent for our medical needs, not for multimillion-dollar compensation packages for insurance CEOs or shareholder dividends. No private sector company can do that. Only the government can extend Medicare to cover everyone. Who would pay? We're already paying, just not getting what we've paid for. A strong country requires strong, healthy citizens, not people denied medical care because our system cuts them off. Let's get the corporate parasites out of the picture.

Patricia Black

Nevada City

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