Party Time goes above and beyond |

Party Time goes above and beyond

I have been looking for a large pirate flag, to give as a birthday present, for the last two weeks.

Believe me I have called and driven everywhere I could think of (there may be places in our community that have them or know where to get them that I am not aware of). No one that I talked to could think of any place for me to call, go to or Google. Today my husband had to go to B&C and I was going to Save Mart. As we drove in, like you are going to Yuba Doc's, I saw this little sign, "Party Time." I looked up and there was the big sign on the storefront. I thought, OK, I haven't checked there yet.

I met Joyce and her little dog at the door; it was a very friendly place. I told her my dilemma and she immediately went to work — magazines, computer, etc. She couldn't order it for me from her normal supplier, as she had to have $400 worth of merchandise to submit an order. Crazy. Anyway, I went home and left her my number so she could call me when she came up with something. Within two hours she called and told me what to do. I have one on its way! I almost forgot this part — we had difficulties with the phones, and she had to make three calls to me in order to give me the information. Way above and beyond! Thank you, Joyce at Party Time!

Glenda Daniels

Nevada City

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