Panoy Thai still has it |

Panoy Thai still has it

I first ate at Panoy Thai when it was on Neal Street. My wife and I would bring books and puzzles to work on while we waited for the very slow preparation of our food. Even after the move to their current location next to Goomba's on Route 174, things didn't improve much. Over time, we found other choices for Thai food in the area and pretty much stopped going to Panoy. Recently, my daughter recommended that I give them another try. Under new management, Panoy has become one of the very best Thai/Cambodian restaurants I have ever experienced. The decor has been updated, and the service is better, but the food is truly spectacular. It is hard to revise public opinion about a restaurant, but I am writing to suggest that if you have not tried Panoy for a while, you might want to give them another chance. You won't be disappointed. Disclaimer: I have no connection with Panoy. They're so good that I just want to make sure that they're around for a while.

Richard Silberman

Grass Valley

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