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‘Panda’ story shows paper headed in wrong direction

I just wanted to write to let you know how I felt about your article on Panda the steer.

First and foremost is why is God's green earth do you run a article like that right before the fair? Do you have any idea how hard the kids have worked on their projects getting ready for the fair? And to say that they are teaching the wrong things to the kids raising livestock and you don't have to eat meat?

You are always reporting about how there isn't anything for youth to do here and get into trouble. Well, let me tell you, if more kids were in FFA we would be a lot better off. The life skills it teaches will be used all their lives and makes them better people for all.

That is your opinion and you should keep it to yourself.

You wrote a article about the "good ol boys" last week as well. And let me tell you that you angered a lot of them that have been here a lot longer than you have or will be.

The paper is headed in the wrong direction and if you don't think before you print, you will go out of business like so many already have.

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Craig Ferrari

Nevada County

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