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Outdoor Events Ordinance devastating hit to local wedding industry

The Nevada City Chamber of Commerce has been overwhelmed with concerned responses from our members, Grass Valley Chamber and their members, and NCWeds, our local business group representing the wedding industry (and we don't use that term lightly), to the recently proposed Outdoor Events Ordinance.

Our community is one of the top outdoor wedding destinations in the State of California, and this local business is estimated to contribute up to $50 million or more annually to the local economy.

We feel that this ordinance is a hastily crafted effort by Nevada County Board of Supervisors to deal with complaints from a few rightly concerned neighbors of two venues that have not behaved with due consideration of noise, traffic and other neighborhood concerns. It ignores the dozens of well-behaved outdoor venue operators.

When we put potential permit and fee revenue of a few thousand dollars a year ahead of a multi-million dollar contribution to the local economy, the proposed ordinance fails the basic public policy interest-balancing test.

We feel that an indefinite delay in approving this ordinance is necessary in order to re-craft it to pass the test.

Valerie Moberg

Nevada City Chamber of Commerce president

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