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Organ transplants?

For many years, China has admitted to using executed prisoners as a source of organs for transplant. Some people might not have a problem with that if the prisoners were executed for real crimes. However, what if that prisoner was put in jail for being part of an unregistered church, performing the meditation exercises of Falun Gong or having dissenting political views in opposition to the one-party state?

What if the organs were sold to whoever was willing to pay for them and that "prisoner's" execution was performed for the sole purpose of selling his organs?

This is exactly the type of organ "donation" outlined in the book "Bloody Harvest," co-authored by a prominent human rights lawyer and former Canadian Secretary of State. It states that China's organ transplant industry expanded rapidly when China outlawed the popular Falun Gong practice in 1999. It documents how these prisoners were used as a massive organ donation bank for China's organ tourism industry. The information in the book has been validated in reports by the U.S. State Department, United Nations and European Union.

Please help stop this crime by visiting and signing the petition. We need to reach 25,000 signatures before the end of the year to receive a formal response from the White House.

Michael Courter


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