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Opinion or yellow journalism?

Responding to the "opinion" letter of Thomas Streicher of March 13, I have some opinions of my own. After reading his letter in its entirety, I called The Union Managing Editor Brian Hamilton to express my utter shock that he would publish such a blatant example of "yellow journalism." His response was that Mr. Streicher had his right to his opinion. Brian knows that while we each have rights to our own "opinions," we do not have a right to create our own "facts."

Second, while Streicher obviously disdains corporate capitalists, "who have been controlling and stealing America's natural resources for centuries," he fails to remember two facts: Nearly all corporations are owned by us, the stockholders; and two, his letter was printed by a corporation, the stores where he shops are mostly corporate owned, as are the companies who stock those stores, and the gasoline he puts in his car is put there by corporations.

Streicher blames corporate entities for stealing us blind and expresses not a word about the theft and corruption that exists at much of our governmental ladders. Those are the activities that the citizenry must rebel against or lose the battle.

As to the rest of his letter, in my opinion, it would have been best if Ph.D. Streicher had terminated his formal education at the 10th- or 12th-grade level.

Bill Struck

Grass Valley

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