Open letter to the ASPOA board |

Open letter to the ASPOA board

To the ASPOA board: Who audits your finance records? Who will oversee the survey? Who is your attorney? Why are the board meetings only held during working hours and never in the evenings or on weekends? Why should residents trust you with counting the survey correctly?

Why are sign-in sheets not used at board meetings? Any properly run public forum captures the list of attendees with even the simplest sign-in procedures. A napkin would work. My husband took time off work and attended the last board meeting on June 3. This mob of 20-plus has names that should be included in official minutes. Why won't any of you answer direct questions?

Perhaps the rash of serious violators were victims of loss of jobs, short sales, foreclosures, health crisis, or all of the above. This neighborhood survived 40 years without dictators running the show. And we can certainly help one another through another 40 without them. We are not impressed and can certainly read between the lines.

And yes, as advised in the letter from Paul Hoeffler, included with the due renewal notices, we will be voting intelligently.

Toni and Dean Darr

Grass Valley

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