One happy camper with Internet access |

One happy camper with Internet access

The Union's front page article with Bill Jacobsen on Internet access has a point.

We've lived in a remote area by Scotts Flat for six years now. Started with satellite (Hughes Network). It was awful. They've since upgraded their sats, but still far from optimum. I've found a solution that works for us; Banner Mountain emits 4GLTE signals for both Verizon and AT&T. So does Wolf Mountain. offers 4GLTE repeater amplifiers, antennae, cables and solutions to bring that signal into your home at 5 bars. One-time costs will vary between $500 to $800. Then, the only thing you have to pay for is the LTE service from your provider.

My equipment consists of an antenna on top of the house directed at Banner Mountain. Signal is brought into a 4GLTE "repeater amplifier." It's reradiated inside the house by an internal antenna. My 4GLTE modem picks it up. It's plugged into a Cradlepoint router which distributes internet over Wi-Fi and CAT V cable throughout the house. My download speed from AT&T is 21.5 Mbits. Upload is 15.4 Mbits. I have a 15Gbyte monthly data limit on my plan. Plan cost is around $75 per month.

I'm a very happy camper.

Tom Engleman

Nevada City

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