One hand clapping |

One hand clapping

Rise to your feet, liberals, and applaud your brave California State Senate for their fearless passage of bills that would turn my 10/22 rifle (that's a firearm that shoots .22 caliber bullets) into an "Assault Weapon" because it has a detachable 10-round clip.

Gee, I haven't handled an assault weapon since my days in the army! And cheers for their wanting fees and permits on the sale of ammunition. That'll close down shooting ranges and trap shooting clubs and stop lunatics from mowing down innocent people, by golly. Uh, but wait: To enforce these laws will take a Gestapo 10 times the size of Homeland Security (which recently bought 1.6 billion rounds of "target" ammunition with our money.)

And, we'll have to put a wall around a state the size of Utah to hold all the inmates, who will have to be fed, clothed, housed and given proper medical treatment. Where's the money for that coming from? I'll wager the spoil sports in the California Assembly will frown on such expenditures.

Dick Tracy

Grass Valley

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