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On peanuts and pot

It is ridiculous, misleading and ignorant for anyone to say that using marijuana is safer than eating peanuts!

I was amazed to read Patricia Smith's words. I've eaten thousands of peanuts in my lifetime, and they've never caused me to get high or "buzzed" or caused me to do anything crazy! They've never caused me (or anyone else) to lose my desire to work or function normally.

Not only was the column absurd to imply that marijuana use is totally harmless, but, to quote Harry Anslinger and use his moronic words was wrong. No one believes his ignorant, racist comments. Of course, prolonged, daily use of the "harmless weed" will change your life. It is no different than prolonged use of alcohol. Why would anyone feel that making alcohol use legal was a good thing for America … many years ago. Millions of people die every year from exercising their legal right to kill themselves with alcohol. When people have the right to totally numb themselves with marijuana … will that be good also?

Patricia Smith should eat an entire jar of peanuts and then drive to Marysville. Then, she should smoke five "harmless joints" and drive to Marysville again. What a trip that will be!

Joanne Crouch

Grass Valley

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