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Oh, smart car, save us

I came to a red light stop at an intersection on Main Street. Next to me was the left-hand turn lane.

Soon the arrow turned green, but no one moved. I noticed in the first car beside me that the lady was very busy texting. I assumed someone in that lane would become annoyed and prompt her to go, but no. I finally gently tooted my horn and when she glanced at me, I pointed to her green light. She barely made it through before the light turned red.

The four cars behind her seemed not to take issue with this, in fact, the man directly behind her never moved forward — he too was busy texting. Thank god for smart cars! The more we "dumb down," the more we will need them to step up to the plate.

In the near future, these cars will say in a most authoritative voice, "The light has now turned green. GO."

Tonya Marie

Grass Valley