Offender code compliance hypocrisy |

Offender code compliance hypocrisy

As an adjoining neighbor of Chuck Frank, I am grateful of this county's diligence to maintain my property rights along with other residents who are being impacted by an offending noncompliant neighbor.

The Franks, whose occupations require knowledge of property codes, built their cabin with complete disregard of any permits, etc. because they knew it was in a no-build zone and the reasons for the land being designated as such. Mr. Frank rants about county fees and permits, but used the system at enormous man hours and expense to the taxpayers to attain his "due process" to rectify his situation of which he did nothing. Hypocritically, the Franks residence was built following county codes.

Mr. Frank stated he thinks one should be able to do what they want on their land as long as there is no impact on community or neighbor. However, the illegal cabin was advertised on his website as a vacation rental and depicts a photograph of a special part of our adjoining property, insinuating it is part of the rental. Their paying public guests used our property as such.

Our family bought this parcel 35 years ago knowing we would have privacy because of the no-build area around it. We have lost enjoyment of our own property due to his overlooking illegal structure. In addition, our property values have decreased because of this. So where are our property rights?

Perhaps when his illegal cabin is torn down, he can rebuild it in Contra Costa or Sonoma county.

Dianne Brown

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