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Obamacare success stories underreported

We have heard all the upset and bad experiences people have had regarding Obamacare. But I am hearing about a lot more happy and finally insured people who are not speaking up!

And yet I also see how the problems people have had are well reported. One problem case was reported before it was resolved … where someone thought she was coming out the short end … and in the end came out saving $1,000 a month. But of course, that was not reported.

We forget that the policies that were canceled could not meet the new standards for coverage. Cancellation is not unknown in the insurance industry — you cost too much … you go! I have a son who would have been paying $900 a month for he and his wife so they went uninsured. They are now insured for $125 a month!

I would like to hear more publicity given to these stories. How about you?

Marilyn Nyborg

Grass Valley

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