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Obamacare not a government takeover

Sue Jeffrey, who wrote a guest column for The Union, seems a compassionate and caring RN, attributes that in my experience make for the best nurses. Unfortunately, her Other Voices comments are factually incorrect and in many ways reflect what's wrong with political discourse.

Obamacare, like Romneycare would have had your friend insured. Who do you think paid for his "more than $400,000 bill?" Does anyone but rabid partisans think that Obama chose to run up the national debt or was he simply trying to save the U.S. from the mess left from the Bush administration?

The government doesn't manage the Post Office. It's government owned, but privately managed like any corporation. Moreover, it's self-sufficient, not taxpayer supported. Ms. Jeffrey's comments on taxing assets are completely wrong (choose your favorite fact checking site for the truth) and coming so close to an election makes me suspicious about the motivation behind such a distortion (scaring voters, unfortunately, is an effective political strategy). It disappoints me that The Union permitted publication of these incorrect allegations unless its editorial principles supports any assertion of fact related or not to the truth.

Lawrence W. Gold, M.D.

Grass Valley

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