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Obamacare helps working families

Here is what the Obamacare means for one local working family. The real-life human experience too often get lost in the name-calling and focus-group-tested sloganeering that passes for politics these days.

I talked with a young father who works full time as a landscaper. His wife also works full-time, but she has to pay for her own health insurance and for their two young children.

Because of the cost, they could not afford to put the father on the policy. I told him about the health exchange, Covered California. He found a plan with better coverage for the whole family, for much less cost than what they are paying for coverage without him.

This is because of the Obamacare subsidies and the Medi-Cal expansion, which covers their children's policies.

These folks are not "takers," they are hard-working parents who want to provide a good life for their family, and who make a substantial contribution to their community through their work.

It also makes economic sense for our community to invest in supporting their health, which means less expense down the road for emergency care, lost productivity and other consequences of lack of available health care.

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Richard Katz

Nevada City

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