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Obamacare an ‘Obamanation’

"You can keep your health care." Nope, my plan is gone.

"The cost will go down." No, again.

My husband starts Medicare next year and we were looking forward to our health insurance going down. Right now we pay $571 for two of us per month. Under "Obamacare," the cost for me alone for a similar plan to what I have skyrockets to $775 or $885 a month, depending on the plan — and remember, this is for one person. The co-pays are higher, the deductible is higher. I am 60 years old and don't need maternity benefits!

As somebody once said, "Obamacare is an Obamanation." I agree. However, if I divorce my husband, I can get medical care for $157 a month, food stamps, welfare and a free Obamaphone!

Nancy McDonald

Grass Valley

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